Small Space Day & Night Sleeper Sofa by American Upholstery

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If you live in a small space, especially an efficiency apartment, you know how hard it is to have a bed without living in a bedroom. One of the biggest challenges in small space living is sleeping in comfort.
American Upholstery has an array of sleeper sofas just for small spaces. The Natalie sleeper is billed as “the world’s smallest sleeper sofa with a real sized bed”. By slightly tweaking the dimensions of their sleepers they are able to produce very space efficient designs. It seems like a no brainier that if you need a sleeper sofa you are likely tight for space. So why aren’t more furniture makers doing this.
The Chaise Queen Plus is a great innovative design. This sofa comes with an ottoman that adds a chaise like feel to the sofa. The ottoman also provides storage for your pillows and pajamas during the day. It’s a great combination.
These sleepers are very comfortable. Unlike most traditional sleeper sofas, there are no metal bars under the mattress. Instead a solid wood base, providing a more stable, bed-like sleeping area. It supports the entire mattress. These sofas are quite stylish and are available in a huge selection of fabrics and leathers.

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