Stepping outside of the traditional, the CER690 conical bathroom sink designed by G. Benedini offers a unique approach to the often mundane. What sets this sink out from the crowd is that it’s a self standing cone of waterproof birch plywood mounted by the same fixtures. The dark oak veneer was the first thing that caught my interest, but I really found its simplistic appearance captivating as it only measures
in at a diameter of 17″3/8 x 20″1/2d. x 8″1/8h.
If dark oak isn’t exactly your color, this wash basin also comes in light and medium oak veneer as well. The CER690 can be purchased through local suppliers of Agape products. You can easily match this sink with any of Agape’s range of mirrors so you can see exactly which mirror fits the style and feel that you’re going for.


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