Small, Modern Dining Room Tables

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Not everyone has the space for a large dining room or kitchen table. Some of us don’t even need a large table because we may have just a small family of three. Whatever the case, if you’re on the market for small, Modern Dining Room Tables … we have five amazing, stylish finds to choose from. Take a look!

MAPP Table from Design Within Reach

Modern Dining Room TablesThe mixed materials and the great bones, even though it’s small it packs a mighty punch. Used mixed materials for your chair choices or even use several different chairs to round this out in your trendy, yet modern dining room. It’s a bit eclectic but with a contemporary, untouchable quality.


Trestle Dining Table from La Fuente

Trestle Dining Table

Although made of wood with a rustic, bohemian feel, this piece can do so many amazing things when placed in a small space. It’s a transformative piece because it’s also a work of art. Pair it with some super chic and fashion-forward chairs so it blends well with the rest of your contemporary home.

Silverado Dining Table from CB2


Glass Round Dining Table
We love the light and airy vibes of this beautiful dining room design. All it needs are four ghost chairs to round out and finish it’s delicate, yet sharp style. How gorgeous would this be in a room filled with blues, greys and stark white accents and home accessories? Or even some yellow and natural light illuminating through the windows.

Span Dining Table from Crate and Barrel


White Span Dining Table
This piece will give your room an easy, elongated look. Also, the white gives you a clean palette to design and decorate with. It’ll give you an easy neutral foundation to play and have fun with. Think about adding color to your centerpiece, walls or chairs. With this piece you have the slick lines you need to make a modern space but also something that will help you make something new and exciting.

Bosphorus Dining Table from 212 Concept


Long Dining Room Table
Probably the most versatile piece of the bunch, this is another great example of a mixed materials piece done right. Add whatever chairs you want for a funky, eclectic style. But, make sure not too stray away from the design and decor elements because it’s so easy for this table to fit in with a variety of themes.

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