Today we are showing a small bar cabinet in a wonderful Italian style that was designed by Andrea Lucatello.   The fist thing that catches my visual is the contrast between the wood grain and the gray.  Now, I like pieces that are often considering non-conforming as they can make a person stop and do a double take since it does not fall into their normal expectations.   This piece is done in a Canaletto walnut which is clearly striking as the top most pieces.  To the left ad below is matt graphite painted wood which can also come in a white.

Small Bar Cabinet by Andrea Lucatello

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Inside the small bar cabinet, you can see the mirror lined walls and also a storage rack for glasses.  Surprisingly, quite a few bottles can fit inside.   Most people like to keep the booze out of sight and Andrea delivers that capability in this distinct design.   One thing that be missing for some families is a locking mechanism should you worry about your kids getting into bottles and replacing them with water.  I admit that I did a little of that in my youth so let us not think that is not going to happen.

glass walled mini bar

Lighting inside is such a great touch.  Portos creates great ambiance and you can imagine that if most lights in the home are off, how striking it would be just with the doors open as you and your friends or family enjoy an adult beverage.  I also love the metal work in the shape of the legs which again depart away from the norm and create a nice geometrical shape.

Still Pictures Highlighting Design

Take a look at these following images and you can see the various angles and features of the product.  The opposing size shapes look great adding interest and depth to the overall portrait.  Also remember that other colors are available so as you think about your own living room, imagine other colors.

Portos by Andrea Lucatello