Slice Right Through: Octopus Design’s Modern Faucet

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Leave it to the Germans to come up with a faucet so sharp, so metallic, so… threatening… that it actually kind of looks knifelike.  That’s precisely the image that comes to mind when we view the Latrava faucet from the Munich-based Octopus Design, many of whose offerings are equally or comparably edgy and ultramodern.  The way this modern faucet delivers water in a sheet rather than a stream may or may not be more useful than its contemporaries in day-to-day settings, but if nothing else, it’s certainly majestic to look at.  With the sort of bold lines and highly-polished gleam any good, self-respecting futuristic fixture should have, the Latrava’s arm extends just beyond a 45-degree angle upward with a more subtle slant inward over its basin, delivering a constant and gentle wave of water whose subtlety stands in stark contrast to the angular — dare we say angry? — style of the vessel itself.  The clarity and precision with which it was designed and manufactured certainly doesn’t betray its strong, unapologetic appearance. Sleek and sexy, this simple yet ultramodern offering is one we wouldn’t mind getting a scolding — er, scalding — from.


Octopus Design's Modern Faucet


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Photo credits: Octopus Design

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