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It makes sense that the design of a bathroom should be at once calming and inviting; after all, since it’s a room you spend a fair amount time in first thing every morning in preparation for whatever the day might bring, it should ease you into things with a sense of calm capability.  All of the sleek, chic modern bathroom vanity cabinets in today’s roundup lend themselves well to helping one get the day started with aplomb, thanks to their Zenlike lines and spa-inspired touches.  Presented in soothing, earthy tones with gleaming porcelain basins and subtly urbane fixtures, these bathroom elements infuse a little luxury into the simple rituals of life.  In fact, it might be hard to leave your house in the morning, what with its smooth, pure aesthetic tempting you to stay and reflect a little longer.


Sleek & Chic: 5 Modern Bathroom Vanity Cabinets



sleek white bathroom vanity



sleek modern double vanity


contemporary bathroom vanity



modern double vanity set


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