Stay young at heart and relaxed in spirit with the Bouncing Betty armchair from Craft Factor.  The low profile, sleek design with organic shapes and textures has a contemporary look with only a touch of casual whimsy.  But the exterior features molded into a fiberglass seat structure cleverly conceal the true reason the Bouncing Betty is a fun and inviting seating option for kids and adults alike.


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Bouncing Betty Armchair

Relaxing bounce chair


An inflated inner tube of Bouncing Betty armchair by Craft Factor by built into the round seat base offers a bouncy seat upholstered in your choice of bold and bright fabric options. The disc-shaped seat is anchored by a tall backrest for support to counter the moving seat.  The Bouncing Betty chair is the newest, and possibly the most fun, in the organic chic trend that is on the rise with in conjunction with eco-friendly living.


bouncing 3 armchair


Sitting in your own living room has never been so much fun, or so exciting, no matter your age.  The bounce effect has its practical functions, as well: it helps to relax lower back tightness and relieve stress, all within the smooth curves of a unique chair.  This is one piece of furniture that looks simple, but as soon as you sit down you won’t think of the Bouncing Betty chair the same way again.  It’s not often that a chair has the power to put a smile on the face of your and your guests, but the laughter and fun the Bouncing Betty brings will enhance not only the style of your room, but also the quality of time you spend there.  Are you ready to unleash your inner child?