They say that now is the time to buy in California and looking at these San Francisco home pictures certainly supports that argument. This house embodies modern design from details such as wood flooring and trim to its choice in furniture. The architecture is open and airy with little constraint that gets in the way of creating a useful living space. The kitchen design builds upon the wonderful wood floors as it blends itself into the wooden cabinetry and kitchen island construction. Details were not missed including the great vent hood above the cooking area. All the living and bedroom areas were designed in a similar theme where the hardwoods create an open space feel. Access to a patio provides some escape from the home should the inhabitant wish to “get some fresh air”. The bathroom design is in a green tile that is more retro in its color choice, but nonetheless does not detract from the overall modern feel of the San Francisco home. This property is comprised of two units: one upper and one lower. Address: 2-4 Beaver St San Francisco, CA 94114-1514. Asking Price: $2,196,000.

San Francisco Home
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