Rustic Charm: Charol Coffee Table by Lola Glamour

Flaunting a distinct mark of uniqueness, Charol is the quintessential contemporary furniture piece. It shows off Lola Glamour’s passion for creative products and boasts immaculate craftsmanship you’ll be hard pressed to find in other furniture pieces. It is the perfect centerpiece and looks good with sofas, armchairs, and other furniture pieces.


Charol Coffee Table by Lola Glamour


Belonging to the living room collection by Lola Glamour, the Charol Coffee Table is an exquisite piece. It is handcrafted to perfection with a lot of passion. Worth noting is the fact that each of its pieces is separately handcrafted. Users can choose their preferred color and size as per their requirements. The coffee table is structured out of wood and is reminiscent of rustic design. Undulating edges on its top give it a very natural look and raw wooden texture adds traditional charm. Four curved wooden legs enhance its appearance and complete its look beautifully. The coffee table blends in very nicely with both traditional and contemporary settings. It looks like a piece of art and will bring sculptural quality to your interiors. It will transform the space into a museum and add value to your decor. Elegantly designed, impeccably handcrafted, and finished to perfection, the Charol Coffee Table by Lola Glamour is simply a refreshing piece of furniture.


Handmade hardwood low table


When you want to induce a sense of warmth into your home decor, get the Charol Coffee Table by Lola Glamour. It is a faultless piece that will not disappoint.

Don’t you just want to savor the rustic charm of Charol?