Round Dining Tables

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For me, there is a simple appeal about a round dining table that draws me to them. Perhaps, it is the fact that with no right angles, people must be closer to one another thereby creating a more personal experience.

Large rectangle designs often have family members sitting several feet from each other. In particular, when there are only four seats this is the case. That is why a circular shape can be classy and decorative.

There is a cozy feeling to the furniture and you can switch between two to four accompanying chairs. They are also so useful in smaller spaces such as flats, condos and high rises. In that architecture, there is seldom a formal room dedicated solely to dining.

Another use can be gaming such as playing card or board games, dominoes or chess. Each seat is right on top of the action so it is not awkward and too far away from the game board. There are so many materials to choose from.

Whether you be a fan of wood, plastic, glass or metal there are many options.   Take a look at these eleven dining table examples picked by our editors for some ideas and inspiration.

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What a lovely dining table and chairs in this picture!  Now, these are commonly found in black and brown color as well.  Notice how the table design is simple and thus the seating is the focal point in this room.  Another cozy idea would be to use benches for seating whether one or two was used.


A wooden Japanese inspired design like above fits into so many homes.  It’s versatile in the different types of furniture an accessories that it meshes well with.  The black next to the natural wood does not even look bad, though those two colors are often not placed next to one another.

This plastic example is great in how easily it can be cleaned.  If you have children this may be a safer bet that glass for sure, but other types as well.  If you are looking at something like this, find out from the retailer how easy it is to get out pen ink, pencil markings and crayons.