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Room partitions are becoming a very popular furniture item these days. If you are looking for ideas to divide your interior space without minimizing the design, but in a beautiful and at the same time interesting and unique way, room partitions, dividers and screens could be the best alternative for you to choose.

The idea originally imported from ancient Japan, quickly caught attention of the modern world because of several factors, like lower price, ease of installation and cool looks.

Partitions and screens serve to separate a large space into smaller sections or to define certain areas of a home or office, like separating dining area from the kitchen, hallway from living room or the secretary from your office.

Becoming such a required item for the modern home, it also caught attention of furniture makers, that created them in thousands of styles, sizes and models.

Nowadays, room partitions and room dividers are made from virtually any type of material from wood to metal and from paper to glass. They have several forms but all of them can be positioned in to three main categories.

There are single panel, multiple panel, as well as solid standing dividers.

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While wood and metal represent a more stylish and more luxurious way to divide a room, the glass dividers feature a sleek and clean look that shows more sophistication and professionalism.

Aside from creating a division for spaces, these screens and panels can also be used to create more intimacy in a room but can also in concealing your clutter but their main feature is the decorative side.

Instead of using wallpapers and other ornaments, you can simply use the dividers to create a point of attraction in your living, bedroom or office space. These decorative and useful pieces of furniture serve as eye-catchers because of their elegant shapes and beautiful designs.

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