Retro Modern PIL Sofa by NOS
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We really love the super cool PIL sofa from the cutting edge Brazilian Furniture brand NOS. Translated their name means “we” and their focus is to leave behind the commonplace and expand into new and diverse styles. Designer Guilherme Torres manages to combine some strong design ques from the 50’s including a light airy feel thanks to the rather tall narrow tapered wood legs and delicate curved arm rests. The obvious influences are from what many feel is the most progressive period American interior design history and it seems to show up more and more as we refer to the past for inspiration. There has been so many fashion oriented products today that thankfully allow a new generation to enjoy some of the true design greats that may otherwise be overlooked by current and future generations

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In a dark leather as shown the contrasting welts accentuates the individual segmented back that makes me think of a booth seat in an old time restaurant, love that look!  I can see the rather firm concept of this sofa being great for a room where occasional sitting and talking may the case, this is definitely not a comfort lounger you would want in a main living room. The PIL collection is available as shown in a sofa or an available chair in your choice of leather or wood. Each piece from NOS is meticulously handcrafted with artistic beauty and ergonomics in mind and pays some respect to the local materials. See the entire collection of super creative furniture design here.

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