One Good Chair Competition Yields Brilliant Seating Designs

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Recently the second “One Good Chair” competition sponsored by the World Market Center, Las Vegas, Markets Living Green Pavillion, and the Sustainable Furniture Council was conducted and some really innovative Seating Designs were presented from all corners of the world.
The winner this year was the Charity Chair by Designer Andrej Blazon that was inspired by the coronet worn by the Daughters of Charity. The Charity lounge chair “is conceived in such a way that the fabrication can be extremely low-tech, keeping energy consumption to a minimum. Use of recycled/recyclable materials can be applied to conserve earth’s resources allowing production from any flexible material with sufficient rigidity is possible, ranging from hard rubber, plastic, or metal sheets. The chair consists of a single flat rectangular sheet of material curved to the final form locked to position with means of cut-in slits/flaps so no hardware is needed”.

One Good Chair Competition Yields Brilliant Seating Designs
chairs charity one good chair contest

Runner up and probably my favorite entry is the XVIIIe Chair which got its name from the 18th arrondissement historical region of France where the design was conceived. The design team of Brian Novello, Benjamin Bakas, and Muhammad Hussain found the inspiration from the “social market” that is well known as a haven for the struggling artistic community. In particular, the artist’s square serves as a gathering point filled with french box easels and folios, curious tourists, and impoverished artists. This super convenient folding chair is like the real version of the cheap disposable folding chairs we see at parking lot parties and beaches everywhere, and wears like a backpack for free handed mobility.

french folding chairs
folding chairs on good chair contest
french folding chair one good chair competition
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