Quaint Santorini Greek Islands Home

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The Greek Islands are certainly one of the most beautiful places on earth and the thought of living there full time would be dream come true to many people. The quaint house in this article is a Greek Islands home in Santorini that sits in a small village called Emboreio. The house has two full bedrooms and two cave bedrooms allowing it to accommodate several guests. You can see a cave bedroom in one of the photos as the ceiling is very low and the stucco is molded like a cave ceiling. The Santorini home is constructed of white stucco that is a local favorite as it weathers the moisture from the Aegean Sea well. There is also a pool in the courtyard to allow you to soak up that wonderful Greek sun. Price: €185,000. (Note: the listing shows it being listed at €312,000 but, the realtor wrote me back and informed me that the price has been reduced).

Santorini Homes
Santorini Greece
bedroom doorway

cave bedrooms
courtyard pool
Greek Islands House
Greek Kitchen
living room and dining table
stucco entrance
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