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The QTZ concrete edition was first introduced as a prototype during Milan design week 2016 at Spazio Rossana Orlandi, but after, Hungarian manufacturing company IVANKA introduces the QTZ concrete edition for the US market during the Design Miami 2016 expo.The collection is the result of a collaboration between the Hungarian company Ivanka, with their urban element division and the Argentinian born Australian designer, Alexander Lotersztain. Originally launched during Milan design week in 2015 as a limited edition made from stainless steel has now been re-interpreted in QTZ Concrete.

Ivanka begun as a family-run start-up company back in 2002 founded by brothers Katalin Ivanka and Andras Ivanka and has now become a leading architectural and concrete design brand renowned worldwide for its progressive approach and technological solutions on a material that is otherwise widely viewed as an industrial material.

The QTZ concrete collection of lounges, tables and footrests is available in three different categories: beyond the basic, special mixtures and a limited-number line of aggregate surfaces with handmade deep grinding and finishing.
The indoor, outdoor cement collection reflects the designs prismatic beauty as a contrast to the metal collection. All seating items reflect the architectural qualities of the material and mark the constant search for innovation of Ivanka’s experienced team.

Through its firm structure, durability, and resistance to external forces, concrete allows wide usage of this exclusive furniture. The material resistance combined with the innovative Ivanka technologies used transform the collection into a timeless work of art.
The concrete edition, inspired by the naturally occurring forms and crystallization process of quartz, mixes harmoniously with the surrounding area. It is made as a response to current trends and has abandoned the traditional approach that usually characterizes public furniture. QTZ concrete is creating new layouts that bring out a new side of outdoor furniture, creating an exclusive atmosphere for any outdoor, indoor or semi-outdoor projects, and urban environments.