Pure Pleasure: 837 Canapo Rocking Chaise by Cassina

Crafted for the famed Italian furniture house Cassina by Franco Albini, the 837 Canapo Rocking Chaise is elegant in every way. It clearly establishes Cassina as a Mecca for developing authentic products created through a perfect blend of traditional artisanship and novel technology. It has a lovely silhouette that beckons users to sit and relax.


837 Canapo Rocking Chaise by Cassina

Rocking Chaise lounger
It is comfy with or without cushions


837 Canapo Rocking Chaise by Cassina has a frame sculpted out of solid ash wood that gives it solidity and sturdiness. It is available in natural, slate, or mahogany stained walnut finishes. It has a lot to offer in terms of aesthetics. Its supporting fabric is made out of ecru and fastened to its frame with cords. The cords are sewn beautifully to display a graphic motif on the sides. They add a traditional touch to the otherwise contemporary chaise. To make the piece extra comfy, designer Franco Albini has added polyurethane cushions and a headrest. These come in either fabric or leather. Canapo is still comfortable even when used without cushions. It is designed to perfectly fit the contours of the user’s body. The rocking chaise dons flawless ergonomics and stands out in any room or setting. Its vibrant red hue makes is a perfect focal point.


 the perfect rest spot


Cassina’s 837 Canapo Rocking Chaise offers the ultimate relaxing experience. Its curvilinear silhouette echoes peacefulness, composure, and leisure. It is the perfect piece for everyone who loves to relax and pamper themselves.

Want to relax and put your feet up? Why not get the Canapo Rocking Chaise?