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There is nothing more intriguing than well made and well designed modern furniture that offers a connection with nature and a timeless appeal. /iz’m/ – is a movement concerned with the discipline of how one should live, what sorts of things exist. This movement endeavors to create a look that “IZM” describes as prairie modern… clean lines with only functional details, low sweeping landscapes of aesthetically pleasing utility. The IZM collection is of modern minimalist furniture “a solid wood line designed and built to be collected and passed down”. Here are a few items that work well with a quality oriented modern interior that breaks away from flashy and trendy designs
The Darwinizm coffee table has a unique solid wood leg structure with a convenient cross corner magazine/remote control slots. 40 x 40 12.5h The side table has a complimentary yet different look that does share the cut out slot. 16 x 16 16.75h

Prairie Modern Furniture from IZM

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