Sibau Dining Chairs

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How comfortable can an all wood dining chair be? When careful attention to details and shapes are considered the answer is great. The Star dining chair from Sibau of Italy is smoothly carved and contoured, for a seamless, almost one piece look. Sibau was established in Friuli in 1964 and continues to put old world craftsmanship into a remarkably modern product.

Close cooperation with renowned designers has kept the mostly dining oriented collection in the local’s forefront and global market. The Star collection includes a dining, and dinette table base which mimic the chair design. Available in Cherry and Wenge.

I have had several inquiries about these chairs. First off, they are hard to find. They made the Star chairs in Italy in the 1980s. There is little information about them in publications or on the internet.

The last set I saw for sale was a grouping of four chairs for $3,600. That was 2007. Now in 2020 what price are these today…

If you see these in your local resale shop, be sure and grab them up before a dealer gets them.

Domitalia Star Dining Chair In Cherry

Domitalia star dining chair cherry


Star Dining Table and Chair Set