Poggenpohl is well known for modern kitchen designs, and you may have even heard of a company called Porsche which has a few good designs under their belt as well. Recently the two conspired on the Porsche Design P 7340 modern kitchen collection that features a lot more than the crisp shapes and finishes that adorn this cutting edge series. Poggenpohl included aluminum linearity to enhance the architecture, counter and worktops in glass or black granite, back panels in either satin or polished glass that contrast the color and material of the fronts, and individual modules that can be set to any position, not to mention the most advanced appliances on the market today. To complete the ultimate kitchen there is an optional audio/video system with built-in multimedia LCD module that has been specially developed to bring moving pictures with sound to the glass surfaces. It requires no thermal ventilation and is equipped with an innovative and extremely small sound system with analogue and digital connection capabilities. This will work well right over the optional dinner table for those who can’t stand to miss their favorite show or sporting event.

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porsche design modern kitchens poggenpohl.jpg
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