The style of the Plio bed reflects the lightness of the model. The idea was developed from a freehand sketch converted directly into a design model according to their designers.

the plio bed

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When we talk about Switzerland we only think about expensive watches, money laundering and probably a purple cow.
Well, now its time to think about something else, as the nut+grat bed design has made a very good impression.
As manufacturer nut+grat stands for timeless furniture for the living, working and object area with a personal character and highest requirements regarding quality. Beat Schnidrig as the creative head, and Adrian Schnidrig the responsible for the nut+grat collections are two brothers and the main team that stands behind nut+grat.

simple design ideas

Most consider a bedroom as just a place to go to sleep to, but nowadays, bedrooms are not what they used to be. Now a bedroom can and should be a place where you can leave the lights on for a longer period! This is the most important room of your house and you MUST pay attention to how you going to decorate it. Unless you want to spend day after day, year after year in the same plain, unwelcoming, unrelaxing design you should choose carefully what you fill it in with.

Simple, contemporary and oriental

And maybe, these Swiss guys followed the same idea when they have created the simple, contemporary and a bit oriental inspired bed. But that is not all: they’ve made it from MDF!

Probably MDF’s biggest fault is the fact that it can be pretty plain in design, including the finish and hardware options.
And this is what it’s actually catching all the attention at the Plio Bed: it’s a MDF bed.
These guys managed to change the way you will consider MDF furniture from now on. In other words, with such a simple design, they’ve made the MDF furniture look expensive, and first of all, desirable.

bed design ideas