Boasting a highly functional and fun design, the Murano billiards table from MBM Billards is the perfect piece for avid gamers. It makes a great addition to any home and is all you need to keep your guests entertained. The piece has been realized with collaboration from teachers of Murano Art. Together with MBM Billards, they have merged the wood elements commonly found in billiards with glass components to create unique pieces. Each of the tables is made using seasoned wood chosen by masterminds of cabinet-making. The elements in the table are manufactured by a computerized machine which ensures that each part is in perfect alignment.


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Murano Billiards Table by MBM Billiards

Designer pool table


MBM Billards is passionate about both billiards and furniture and this is evident in their creations. The Murano billiards table by MBM Billards comes in different versions. You can get it as a full billiards table or as a billiard and dining table. The billiards/dining table lets you dine and also play your favorite game. It has a top panel you can remove when you want to play and place back when you want to eat. If you like entertaining, you can invite your friends over for dinner and a game afterwards. The table is also useful for those with limited spaces in their homes.


 unique game room


This billiards table boasts a contemporary aesthetic and is well suited for a modern home. It is the perfect spot to enjoy a casual meal, a hot cup of coffee, and a game of billiards. What entertaining ideas can you come up with around the Murano billiards table?