Pencil Stool by Paulo Antunes

Paulo Antunes is a popular name in the world of furniture design. It represents quality, originality and timeless appeal. Its latest addition is the Pencil Stool. Just like its name, the piece looks like a pencil and has a flat circular top. It presents an easy way to add fun to your interiors. While it has a simple design, its bold color makes it stand out wherever it is placed.


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The Pencil Stool


The Pencil Stool by Paulo Antunes is made in the shape of a pencil. It has a colored top and a base which looks like it has been sharpened. It comes in different shades and sizes and is made in oak veneer. The oak veneer contrasts beautifully with the painted frame. You can get the stool in the color of your choice. Its larger version makes a beautiful side table. Pencil will add interest to your living space and become an instant conversation piece.


Pencil Stool by Paulo Antunes
Can function as a stool or side table


Stools add a unique design element to kitchens and living rooms. Besides offering alternative seating, they add style. If you have a kitchen island, incorporate the Pencil Stools and create a unique look. Your kitchen is the perfect spot to bend the rules a little as no style is out of reach. While comfort is a must, it can be different for everyone. The Pencil Stools will draw attention to themselves and make your family and friends want to linger in the kitchen.

Where would you place the Pencil Stool? In the kitchen or living room?