Pa Sofflocket Kitchen Sofa Knows How to Store Stuff Away

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Although strangely named, the Pa Sofflocket kitchen sofa will immediately catch your eye. The Pa Sofflocket is a very useful piece of furniture as it comes with plenty of storage space to meet your storage needs while in the kitchen. The sofa is more of a bench than a regular sofa and it offers two storage areas underneath the seat and, my favorite feature, a special books and magazines storage section placed in the back of the Pa Sofflocket. This kitchen sofa is made out of Swedish pine with elm wood detailing, and it’s just a concept design for now. Those interested in checking it out can do so at the Stockholm Furniture Fair this February, and those who want to order one, well, they’ll have to wait a while for the Pa Sofflocket to enter mass production.

Pa Sofflocket Kitchen Sofa 1.jpg
Pa Sofflocket Kitchen Sofa 2.jpg

Pa Sofflocket Kitchen Sofa 3.jpg
Pa Sofflocket Kitchen Sofa 4.jpg
Pa Sofflocket Kitchen Sofa 5.jpg
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