Tis the season of awards. Be it the Golden Globes, Grammys or Oscars, everyone has or will be awarding the best. So we here at Furniture Fashion thought of running our own little award ceremony where we award the most innovative. The contenders? Home Accessory Prototypes or concepts that are yet to be a reality. Who knows maybe our little endeavor will inspire the Powers Of Be to mass-produce them. So drum roll please as we list our favorite concepts.
Most Productive Toaster – The Triple Toaster

triple toaster.jpg

No more waiting for your slice of bread as this toaster splits into three separate modules, so that you can enjoy all sorts of toasts simultaneously. The trendy design can be credited to product designer Craig Strangward.

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Most Innovative Washing Machine – WASHUP


What happens when you integrate a washing machine with a toilette-flush? The WASHUP stores the wasted water in toilette-flush tank, so that you can reuse it when flushing! This brilliant concept is a brainchild of Sevin Coskun.
Most Comfortable Bookshelf – Circular Bookshelf by Zhdanova Irina

circular bookshelf.jpg

Traditionally bookshelves don’t have to accommodate your seating needs but designer Irina doesn’t believe that as she has integrated six sofa pieces into the bookshelf.
Best Real E-Book Reader – Library e-book Reading Device

library-ebook .jpg

E-books may just be the future even though personally I think nothing beats the actual feel of a book. The Library e-book Reading Device also believes in this and works hard to recreate the experience of real books. It comes with two rotating mechanical rollers that stimulate page-flipping.
The Most Compact Dining Table – Kure Dining Table


Turkish designer Fatih Can Sarıöz believes that the family that eats together, stays together. Hence Kure is shaped like a pod, which can open up to accommodate six people to form a close-knit circle.
Most Thoughtful Coffee Table – 1FORMTABLE


A must have for all the cool kids. This one not only lets you display your favorite coffee table books but also lets you a house up to eighteen DVDs to show off your cinematic tastes.
Best Contender For The Wall Of Fame – Change It!

change it wall.jpg

No it isn’t just another brick in the wall and designer Amriko is behind this futuristic wall. This one is made of wall panels that can flash hues of black, white , red, blue etc. Customized it according to your room.
Coolest Refrigerator – Soft Refrigerator

soft refrigerator.jpg

The Soft Refrigerator is ideal for those who have space issues as it comes equipped with folding and adjustable cubage just like a Tupperware product. Just fold the fridge up when there is no food left to store! The on board retractile bracing and soft coat allows for this convenient size-changing.
Most Green Printer – Pencil Printer

printer pencil.png

The idea behind this nifty portable printer is to use the lead shavings of a pencil as ink. Confused ? Well don’t be as there is video too that explains how this thing works.

Best Suitcase on Wheels – OBAG


The OBAG from Samsonite will take the weight of your shoulders thanks to its unique design concept. Apart from a giant wheel, the Samsonite OBAG roll-on bag features storage compartments and a collapsible handle.
Most Eco-Friendly Dishwasher – Water Efficient Washing Up Unit

eco friendly dish washer

The Water Efficient Washing Up Unit by designer Toby Fox believes in conversing energy and water as it features a tank , which stores and heat water while you do the dishes.
Most Thoughtful Kettle – Rotary Kettle

rotary kettle.jpg

Designed specifically for the physically impaired, this kettle has a pick-up and pour method of operation. So to use it, you just need to rotate the kettle body.
“At the top, the kettle body can be rotated backwards and forwards without the unit being destabilized, as the center of gravity is built into the kettle’s cradling recess, whilst at the bottom, the surface is gripped firmly with a weighted base plate, and rubberized stoppers.”
Most Relaxing Pillow – Glo Pillow

glo pillow bedding products

Wake up with a smile on your face as with the Glo Pillow you won’t feel like biting the head of your family members. The pillow uses an LED fabric substrate below the surface to wake the user using light and is a great alternative to a screeching alarm clock.
Most Functional Music Player – Dual Music Player

Dual Music Player.jpg

The Dual Music Player by Yong-Seong Kim doesn’t want you to throw out your CD collection. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t groove to your favorite digital tunes. The player supports both CD and MP3 files and has great minimalistic form factor.
Best Lighting Product – The Light O’ Clock

light o clock.png

The Light O’ Clock displays time in its own unique style. Designed by Alex Onoiu, the clock is sans hands and instead uses light beams to display time.
Most Eco-Friendly Shower – Electrical Ecoshower

Electrical Ecoshower.jpg

A brainchild of designer Andrea Diaz, the shower has been designed to reduce electrical consumption by about 70% and promotes higher life-cycle efficiency. We also like it for its sleek design.
Most Drool-Worthy Chair – Porsche Chair

Inspired by the sexy Porsche 911, the Porsche Chair Concept by Rohan Verma will be lapped up by all car connoisseurs. The chair tries to replicate the side profile of the 911’s window frame and we love the end result.