How these Outrageous Day Beds Will Shock Your Guests

Think about most homes you go into and how predictable they are.  These outrageous day beds will change your way of thinking.   It’s been my experience that homes are pretty mundane with the most excitement being whether they are clean or dirty.   Antiques live on forever, but how many times is someone paid a compliment for having them?  “My, this 80 year old dusty buffet table is gorgeous”.   Now ask yourself if they really mean it or are they just making friendly conversation to end the silence.   What if your house could be a show place where guests want to tell the story to their friends or on social media?  Think about some cool furnishings and how that could shock your guests.

I thought it a good idea to ease you in with this first picture.  I must confess that this model looks comfortable, but is a little too conservative to impress guests.  Let this be a baseline for the next few ideas.

Outrageous Day Beds by Love Stanley Furniture

Of all the outrageous day beds covered, this one was my favorite.  The fact it is in white is a bold statement taking a modern leap forward as opposed to navy, black or  brown.  The overstuffed arms are such an interesting element just based on their sheer size in comparison to the other parts of the furnishing.   The quilted pattern is tastefully done and really gives it visual appeal.  The two tassels were an interesting addition.  Notice too how tiny they legs are going back to one of the mainstay’s of modern design.  Fittingly, Love Stanley named this product the Cleopatra which I can totally see.

Fabulous red sleeper for the home

It’s hard to go wrong with the allure of red and the way it can draw attention to a room.  The shape is very interesting here as it appears to recline up towards each arm creating a very interesting and unique geometric shape.   I would want to try this one for comfort before buying.

happy day bed

This is not what I would find in my grandmother’s house.  Mustard yellow is a crazy color to pull of and requires a fairly sterile room to work in.  Outside of a contemporary home design, this may look really terrible.  Can you imagine it paired with antiques?

milky way mustard colored day bed

It might be easy to confuse this product with the one above, but it is indeed different.  Called the Milky Way for it’s abstract shape, it appears to have the least refined shape of all.


This fold out idea is perhaps the largest of the ones shown.  If you are a guest sitting on the left hand side, you get no backrest.  Now that may be a reason for some conversation!