Outdoor Daybeds Designs and Ideas 2019

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Outdoor Daybeds Designs and Ideas For 2019

Savannah Outdoor Daybed by Cane-Line

Designed by Foersom and Hiort-Lorenzen for Cane-line back in 2010, the Savannah Daybed is a spectacular piece. It has a beautiful design and makes a perfect rest spot.

The daybed has left and right modules which create a spacious island when joined. It provides ultimate comfort and total relaxation. It is an excellent choice for your terrace, poolside, or garden. They can also use it in large interiors.


Savannah is handwoven by skilled craftsmen. They make it from a durable synthetic fiber called Cane-line specially made in Germany. The fiber is UV-resistant, colorfast, weatherproof, and maintenance free.

It can withstand harsh weather and is ideal for the outdoors. The Savannah Daybed by Cane-Line has a floating and removable sunscreen that protects you from the sun’s rays.

It comes with matching pillows in 4 different colors. They have designed it with quality and comfort in mind and will make your life more comfortable.

They manufacture Savannah for a harsh environment. You can pair it with other pieces from the Savannah collection to create the perfect outdoor setting.


Cane-lines mission is “to make life simple and add value to places where people unwind and relax.” They have achieved this beautifully with the Savannah Daybed.

The piece is perfect for any exterior and is one of the most useful pieces you’ll ever own. It allows you to lounge, take a nap, or sunbathe whenever you want.

Once you get it, you’ll want to stay outdoors all day long. What outdoor space will you enjoy in your Savannah Daybed?


Circular Shaped Lagoon Outdoor Daybed By Solpuri

Think summers and the mind instantly conjures up images of sun, sand and enjoyment. Who doesn’t dream of lounging around the pool, drinking chilled beer or mojitos and working on a tan?

And in case you are planning to soak up the sun then do it in style and get the Lagoon Daybed. This stylish and ergonomically designed bed takes the art of procrastination to a new level and is worth its exorbitant price tag (6000USD +).

Manufactured by Solpuri, the circular-shaped Lagoon Bed comes equipped with a state-of-the-art LED lighting and has a protective covering as well which protects you when the sun gets too harsh.

Designed by Klaus Nolting, the daybed also rotates so that sunlight never bothers you. Made from  polyethylene, a waterproof handmade deck that weights 55 pounds is an optional extra.


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