Outdoor Built In Gas Fireplaces 12 Wonderful Design Ideas

Cold weather has come to town bringing outdoor built in gas fireplaces right to the forefront of design discussion.   There is no reason a family can’t enjoy a patio unless there is a lack of heat.   It’s for that reason, our editors are showing twelve great designs and ideas that captured our attention and we know it will do the same to you.   There are many options on the market to choose from using elements like steel to brick and shapes from rectangle to circle.   Thus, there is one out there for you.  Take a look at what has been collated and see if you get inspired.

Couldn’t you see this wonderful brick model in a ski lodge or large cabin?  It definitely makes me think of either those two places.  It’s neutral in appearance which provides many chances to add accents to make this work in your home.

Many models are decorative in nature as the one above.  This long narrow strip offers a great visual along side the patio furniture.  If heat is needed a person can get closer to get warmer.  Seeing this makes me realize how much easier going this route is then a log burning one that requires lots of cleaning.


There was a lot of forethought put into this outdoor space as everything is built in.  One drawback is that you can’t move seating around as easy, but by adding armchairs that problem is solved.

I find stainless steel and fire to be so gorgeous.  Just look at this picture and how nice and clean the design appears.  The landscape is modern so this accessory fits in nicely to the overall theme.

Here is another large scale example feature stucco and solid construction.  The venting goes up a great deal here giving the appearance of a smoke stack.  It is possible that the builder constructed it this way to keep heat away due to this being in a warm climate.  That way you get the coziness without becoming overheated.

Open fires like the three above create a different appearance than those that are secured to or inside a wall.  A challenge here can be young children due to the proximity of an open flame and their curiosity.

I like this open on both sides model as these are less common.  It creates a great visual from two sides so that it can be enjoyed around the entire place.   A screen can be placed on one side to offer more protection from the wind if there is a tendency for it to gust in a single direction.  When it comes to patio designs be sure and consider this as a possibility.

Wine bottle, table and flame make up this picture of coziness.  All that is lacking is the company of a best friend or love interest.   The format is smaller here and open on either sides with plants which is different than many of the other designs we have seen so far.

This lower profile idea allows company to see over and beyond into the yard.  Think about how closed off you want the feel to be when planning an outdoor space.

What lovely stone the owner chose in this example!   The color contrast between the fireplace and the flooring is a great balance of light and dark at work in interior design.   The light colored bar stools also tie back nicely to the stone floor.

This model can do gas or logs. You can see all the wood storage below and to the left and right in this picture.

Another stainless model graces our view in this picture.  The predominant color of this idea is a off white which creates a modern feel to the overall scene.