Is it a table, or a work of modern abstract art?  Are the lines intentional or natural?  Is it the result of careful planning or wild deconstruction? The Octa Table from Bartoli Design has the feel of a starry nebula in space and the crisp precision of an architect all in one piece.  A slab with the jet-black intensity of a black hole serves as the tabletop and grounding element of this artistic composition.


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The Octa Table from Bartoli Design

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The frame that supports the table is truly a unique starburst of metal forms, creating a web of wire that is simultaneously complicated and elegant.  The abstracted pattern feels like a piece of modern sculpture with cosmic influences.


With the Octa Table by Bertoli in your dining room, you won’t need any other decor.  Its tremendous presence will control the room and command attention.  The eye-catching figure is all of the design you need; the Octa Table will shine against a neutral backdrop like a star in the night sky. When you look closely, you can begin to see the intentional, careful design that Bartoli Design put into this work of art.


bonaldo table detail


The Octa Table, like the Greek ‘octo’, or eight, does in fact rest on eight slender points that touch the floor, and the tabletop is supported in eight points as well.  The order in the midst of seeming chaos is what draws the eye to the centerpiece of your dining room, and will serve as a timelessly chic addition to your home.


Can you see the Octa anchoring your dining room?