7 Offbeat Bookshelves for the Home

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Attention all book lovers!  With netbooks, tablets, and e-readers taking over the book world, it may be hard to justify keeping all of your favorite old books.  But, for those book lovers who crave the smell, texture, and look of having books in your home then you’ll undoubtedly need a place to store your lovely collection.  Don’t be afraid to show off your collection with an offbeat bookcase or shelf.  Your bookcase doesn’t have to be the usual wooden rectangle.  With all of the great materials and designs out there, you are sure to find one that is just as unique as your favorite book.  Take a look at this not so cookie cutter compilation.

Sloped and Slanted Bookcase

This wild looking bookshelf is made out of sheesham wood and almost looks like it was put together the wrong way.  It is meant to make your books look like they are sliding into each nook and cranny of this abstract bookshelf.

Offbeat Bookshelves for the Home

Design Workshop Rolling Cart

Made in the USA, this stylish rolling cart is made with a steel frame and oak shelving.  It can bring a more industrial look to a home.  The bookcase is big enough to be filled with other items besides books.  Throw in a globe or a milk jug between books to show off your personal style.

Workshop Rolling Cart

The WaveStack

The WaveStack bookshelf can be custom made with different woods including pine, birch plywood, lauan, and oak.  It mirrors the flowing curves of a beach wave.  This could easily be featured in a beach or coastal home accented with pastel décor.

WaveStack bookshelf


Booktree is meant to have an organic presence in your home.  It could easily be featured in a study or a children’s room.  It comes in three finishes including ash, ebony, and tineo and is 100% recyclable.  It is very easy to assemble with only two screws.  Booktrees can be paired together for bigger collections.  They are a unique way to present books and other items around the home.


Net Shelf

This contemporary shelf is made of oak shelving.  It hangs on the wall and appears as wall décor as well.  It can be used to store books or even picture frames and candles.  It would be beautiful in a living room, study, or even hanging over a bed like a bed frame.  The gold frame is a great accent color to work with or you can choose a natural leather frame.

contemporary shelf

Flexi Shelving

These round bookshelves are wonderful for stacking.  You can essentially create the design and look you want buy using one or many circles.  The example below would be a great addition to a loft or trendy apartment.  Alternately, it can be used as shelving for a children’s room as the items will be easier to reach.  They could be used as cubbies for a multitude of items.  The Flexi Shelf is made with Beech wood and a foam exterior.

Flexi Shelving units

Lex Bookshelf

This red lacquered bookshelf offers twelve mismatched spots to place your books.  Don’t expect to put them in a certain order as this bookcase is all about aesthetics, but will still accomplish what it was made for.  It is attached to a frame made of frosted glass.

red lacquered bookshelf

Tell us, what is your favorite?

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