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Artificial climbing walls have been around since the 1960’s.  Don Robinson, a lecturer in Physical Education and the creator of this ingenieous system of indoor – and outdoor – artificial wall climbing, came up with the idea by inserting pieces of rock into a long corridor wall.

Since then, different types of climbing walls have been developed in response to the growing awareness of rock climbing on artificial walls.  This sport is physically and mentally demanding and tests the strength, endurance, agility, mental control and balance of climbers. All in all, it’s a pretty good workout.

However, climbing walls is not the usual type of equipment that you would include in your home training gear. Until now.

NOVA: Making the Best of Climbing Walls

Munich-based design studio LUNAR Europe created a beautiful and unique solution, staying one step ahead by developing a truly innovative product: the NOVA climbing wall.  Functionality meets design meets art.

The NOVA  wall concept, part of the “active furniture for your home” series, consists of panels with pattern-cut-outs opposite to the so common colored holders you can find in any typical climbing wall.

NOVA: Making the Best of Climbing Walls.

To mark the variety of routes available, the cut-outs are ilumminated from the inside creating a mesmerizing training environment through its interactive interface.   NOVA offers several climbing routes and difficulty levels controlled via an iPhone app, which also keeps record of the workout time and rating.

Right in the middle of your living room!  Or wherever you decide to place this impressive workout installation.

NOVA: Making the Best of Climbing Walls.

The wall is also an amazing piece of decoration.  In addition to it’s charismatic design, the lighting system controlled through the app, allows for an ambient adjustment changing the lights’ colors from white to blue, green or purple.  But you have to see this in action:

Redefining perceptions by taking risks and innovating is what sets this inspired group of designers, engineers and thinkers at LUNAR Europe, aside.

NOVA won the 2013 IxDA Interaction Award.


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