It was the Vikings who not only pioneered the seas far ahead of their time, but also founded the principles of Nordic design.  The Mod Dining Table by Ziru was born out of necessity, their designs for advanced ships established elements of beauty, simplicity, and power.  Sleek lines and sturdy construction allowed the formidable ships to cut through the open ocean with grace that masked their toughness.


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Nordic Excellence: The Mod Dining Table by Ziru

simplistic design table


Those exploring ships served the Vikings well in their time, but it is their principles of design, their lines and shapes, that outlived the ships and the Vikings themselves in order to still govern Nordic styles today.  Designer Fernando Salas worked with Ziru on the VIK collection to translate Nordic history into contemporary uses.  The Mod Dining Table by Ziru sails ahead of the trend as a cutting-edge design with the power to adapt to any space.


simple dining furniture


Thanks to the perfect balance of simplicity and strength, the Mod Dining Table can fit any style and simultaneously make a statement.  The crisp lines with just enough curves lend themselves easily to formal or casual looks.  The angled legs and hefty proportions of this table give it the drama to serve as a minimalistic centerpiece that needs no extra adornment if you so choose.  Pair it with the matching chairs for a solid oak dining set that has the longevity of its original inspiration.  You will feel the Nordic heritage come alive with the Mod Dining Table, and you won’t have a shortage of space to serve a feast for eight.


How will you entertain with the Mod Dining Table in your home?