Hiring a Ninja to take care of your home could sound a bit extreme.  Unless you need a covert agent to look after your Bond lifestyle.

But with the ever changing technology trends and the everyday smarter home appliances, wouldn’t it be ideal to have someone, or something, to handle your electronic devices?

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And now back to the Ninja.  A Sydney based company named Ninja Blocks released a project – the Ninja Sphere – on Kickstarter.com.  With still 10 days to go for the project funding and more than 400.000 AUD (about 350.000 USD) raised, this ‘next generation control of your environment’ offers outstanding features for the intelligent supervision of your household equipment.

The Ninja Sphere is a home automation system that connects to a home network via WiFi or Bluetooth-enabled smart tagging, with the ability of controlling the connected devices remotely.  Consisting of an all-white, all-sleek Sphere and several Spheramids that act as gateways to the main sphere, the Ninja Sphere is able not only to monitor and allow remote controlling but also to map the location of the connected or smartly-tagged devices.

Ninja Sphere Takes Your In-House Technology to the Next Level


With the use of additional “waypoints“, small USB devices which create a 3D model of the surroundings, the Ninja Sphere is able to recognize and notify you when something is out of place.  To achieve this, the Ninja Sphere uses trilateration –  same technique used by GPS devices to locate you in a certain position.

It is also capable of monitoring things like lighting, temperature or movement allowing you to control any of these remotely when you need it.

So, you can basically connect any wireless device to:

– Alert you if you’ve left an appliance on.

– Babysit your dog or cat remotely.

– Check if someone is inside your home (familiar or unfamiliar)

– Receive alerts of valuable items being moved, or removed, from inside the house.

– Learn about the energy usage of appliances.

– Control lights, media and other devices.

– Create ‘recipes’ – the ‘If This Then That‘ type as in:

– ‘If i’m on my way home and it’s cold turn on the heater’
– ‘Turn on the lights when I get home and it’s dark’
– ‘Turn off my appliances automatically when I go to bed at night’


Ninja Sphere Takes Your In-House Technology to the Next Level


All the monitoring and controlling is carried out with a smartphone or a smartwatch.  Devices can also be operated remotely with a simple gesture at the Spheramid gateway.  Basically hand swipes will do.

The Ninja Sphere currently supports any wireless device via Bluetooth, WiFi or ZigBee and  given its open source nature, phones, webcams and smart TVs can be connected along with a large number of home automation devices.

The campaign for the Ninja Sphere has already surpassed its funding goal and it’s set to be funded on Saturday Jan 11, 2014.  You can keep track of the pre-order and order details on Kickstarter.com.

I know I said that hiring a Ninja to take care of your home would be a bit excessive, but putting the right Ninja in control… now that’s what I would call a have-it-all.

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