Loft kitchens are a specialty item and there is a wonderful solution in Nolte of Germany’s Neo product line. The visual appearance is stunning featuring custom art prints that will blow away your guests. The uber contemporary design is made purposely for lofts as evidenced is several facets of their construction.   The height of the islands is 900 mm which is taller than most standard practices. This specification change creates 20% more storage space. The printed fronts continue all around the piece creating one singular look as the design wraps around corners covering the front, sides and back.   There are no handles on the cabinets. Each operates with a simple press on the front, which makes utilization very simple. Inside there are custom storage bins already created for silverware and plates, thereby making it simple to use one installed.
Tie Dye inspired Kitchen design

The inspiration I felt in the above image was that of the tie dying.  The shapes and colors 0f the print made me think of a T shirt that might be for sale in a vintage shop.   Looking at the other furnishings in the room the orange barstools and blue side table are very cool.

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Uber Contemporary Neo Loft Kitchens from Nolte

That is such a wonderful print.  Can you imagine that as a large painting on a wall?  The black and white primary colors go so well with the stark contrast of the old building.  There is a good view of the surface in this image.  The Neo loft kitchens all feature a 12 mm work top that is fashioned of materials similar to what may be found in an old warehouse.  The intent was to make sure that it meshed and blended well with the architectural history of the building.

contemporary mirrored kitchen island in apartment

This mirrored model is so very unique.  I cannot recall a time I have seen that motif used in product design other than your typical mirrors, side table or wall paneling.   Notice too the great geometric shape of the gel met.   It is a lot for the human eye to take in with the pattern on the wall also, but works to form one cohesive look.

This large picture shows the entire room with the dining area and books storage.  It can be hard to create an interesting floor plan when it is as open as this, but Nolte of Germany certainly accomplished that in this uber contemporary design.  Floors need to be neutral to pull off so many decorations on walls such as these.

Nolte of Germany Showroom