The elegant Neolitico console table by Tulczinsky for Reflex features a unique and hand-made base, while the tabletop sits on top of this base to show it off from all angles, truly creating a centerpiece and drawing all attention to it.
In case of this entryway table, the designer, Tulczinsky , has used antiqued forged iron base, available in Graphite or in Corten finish and a glass top 15 mm thick. That offers the console both a contemporary look and at the same time sends you back in the New Stone Age.

Neolitico Console Table

Neolitico Console Table – Design, research and tradition

With this piece part of the “Disegno” collection, Reflex Group reiterates its motto:
“Give a new expression and a different meaning to industrial technology of crystal.” – With this ambitious goal the Reflex Group was born more then twenty years ago.

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The company, was the first to use the Murano glass as a base for its tables, which made them renowned worldwide.
Reflex always used high quality materials, as glass, marble, iron and wood. All combined with superior craftsmanship and innovative technological processes resulted in furniture that’s expressing the perfect synthesis of technology, design, research and tradition.

Neolitico Console Table black
The highest end of design elegance

With a flowing structure created from a single element melted several times to create this stunning work of art, the Reflex Neolitico is at the highest end of design elegance. Furniture designers such as Reflex, manufacture pieces of furniture for homes and for people who understand the value of quality. These pieces are worked by hand to ensure that every aspect is being taken care of.
And if you are among the lucky ones to own such a piece of designer furniture is something to be proud of! It is something that can be admired and enjoyed, unlike mass production pieces that simply serve a function within the home.

entryway furniture

These small tables are specially intended for display and decorative purposes, providing a secure surface on which to stand a lamp, or perhaps some flowers, or a place to leave your key-chain. But with such an amazing design, you’ll probably feel you will take away its charm if placing something on it.