cool modern wood home accents
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For all the materials available on the market today, ripe for use in the creation of new furniture and home accessories, there’s just something smooth and classic about a great block of wood.  The San Diego-based design shop run by Curtis Micklish is teeming with modern wood home accents from clocks, like the “Butler” shown below, to fingerprint-inspired accent tables and magnetic armrest covers that store most commercially-available remote controls so you never have to go hunting for them again.  While it’s clear from looking at the collection that walnut is one of Micklish’s favorite building materials (it’s used for the clock, along with Baltic birch, as well as for table shown here), maple and other materials make their way into the series as well (as in the case of the armrest cover).  With special attention paid to the most minute details, Micklish explains, “It was my dad that first taught me how to build and my interest has grown from there. The truly gratifying experience for me comes in the process, where you can be involved in every aspect of the design.” Dedication clearly pays off, as seen in this simple and sleek collection of pristine craftsmanship and utter coolness.

Modern Wood Home Accents by Micklish


fingerprint table


cool wood accents


Photo credits: Micklish.