Multiplo Walk-in Closet: Re-Thinking your Wardrobe Style

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The very word “closet” implies a closed-off storage space, usually attached to a larger, more “livable” part of your home.  The designers at Santarossa are changing that subconscious definition with a walk-in closet wall system that turns a “closet” into a fully integrated room of your house.  The Multiplo Walk-in Closet is a customizable collection of wall elements in a textured, bright white or natural eco-friendly wood finish that brightens up the closet space with a snap.  The clean, minimalist lines ensure an open, airy presence that will instantly change your conception of a dark, cluttered closet.


Multiplo Walk-in Closet

walk in closet design ideas


Best of all, with fully customizable sizes and modular pieces of the Multiplo Walk-In Closet by Santarossa, you can organize even a small dressing by designing storage to maximize the space you have.  Go vertical with floating shelves to keep off-season clothing out of the way and neat.  Or create long hanging rods that put blouses, dresses, and trousers right at eye level.  For smaller accessories like jewelry, wall-mounted drawers can be stacked or installed side-by-side around the closet, and their top used as a counter or display or storage.


 new wardrobe closet

eco-friendly wood closet


The beauty of an open, bright, and organized space will transform your wardrobe into another real room in your house, a place you enjoy spending time.  Everyone has different personal styles; you can express yourself not only in the contemporary look of the Multiplo, but also by customizing it to contain your unique wardrobe, whether your collection of hats needs extra shelving or your spring sundresses require extra hanging space.  What makes your wardrobe unique?

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