More Great Versatile Tables from Objeti Furniture

In the last article on Objeti Furniture we covered the Aerialist Point Low Table. We want to share the rest of their versatile tables collection. Each of these models could work as coffee tables in front of a sofa. The narrow one could also work along a wall and double as a bench there. The neat thing is that these tables can be converted to seating benches which a touch of a lever.

1 coffee table
2 coffee tables
3 Objeti furniture
4 low tables
5 white tables for the home
6 seating tables

7 resting feet on furniture safely
8 new furniture designs
9 skinny tables
10 narrow tables
11 decorative tables
12 modern tables
13 furniture wear and feet
14 multi function furniture
15 bench and table combination
16 extra guest seating that is hidden as a table
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