More Contemporary Sofa Designs from Andrej Statskij

In a recent article we talked about a great new sofa release from Lithuanian designer, Andrej Statskij. This is a follow up story where Andrej has provided more Contemporary Sofa Designs to Furniture Fashion. There are five examples in this article along with one cool table that we have thrown in as well. Again, Andrej has shown his talent as a contemporary designer.

More Contemporary Sofa Designs from Andrej Statskij

Nautilus Sofa: Like a Nautilus submarine, this product is created from shapes derived from certain sea creatures.
orange and black sofa

Orange-n-black Sofa: A mix combining the seating of a couch along with a table.

ultra contemporary sofa design

Ultra Sofa: A strong form characterized by the use of black leather and metal
bolid modern seating

Bolid Seating: Designed for anyone who wants to feel like a Formula 1 car driver.
ego coffee table-bench

Ego Coffee Table / Bench: A mix of coffee table and bench with polished surface that can reflect your world. It can reflect the interior or your life or your face or even your ego.
formula sofa

Formula Sofa: Based on the design that is the formula of modern comfort.