Money-shredding Alarm Clock Makes Sure You Don’t Snooze in the Morning

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Having shown you a bunch of modern clocks in the past we simply have to bring an alarm clock to your attention today. The clock is maybe one of the most frequent objects brought to the bedroom, and, most likely, one of the most hated ones. Here’s one more reason to hate the object you neatly place on your bedsite table each night: it could destroy your money. The concept alarm clock in the images below starts shredding away stacks of money of your chosen denomination in case you press that snooze button. The best way of avoiding such nonesense would be waking up, although I’m sure there are ways to cheat this sneaky Money-shredding clock. But I’d rather wake up instead of cheating the machine. After all, destroying money is a criminal offense so better avoid it at all costs, pun intended.

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