Modular Add-On Radiator by Satyendra Pakhalé

Making sure our homes are heated appropriately during those cold months of winter is very important, but usually we don’t get to see that many great radiator designs. Today however we have one such interesting project for you, the Add-On Radiator, designed by Satyendra Pakhalé, winner of the Red Dot Award and currently on display at the Parisian Beaubourg. The modular Add-On Radiator is made of various pieces, which basically means you can model it as you please in order for this heater to take any shape and form, according to your desires. Not only does it work as a radiator but it’s also pleasing for the eye, a quality other heaters clearly lack. It’s up to you to mount it on any of the surrounding walls or create standalone partitions made entirely of Add-On elements between various sections of your home. Via Tubes

modular radiator

artistic radiator

customized radiator

honeycomb radiator

customizable radiator

pretty radiator

visual radiator

hidden radiator

undercover radiator