Modern Ellipse Fireplace Hangs From the Ceiling or Rests On the Floor

Is you modern home in need of an equally impressive fireplace? Decoflame seems to have just what the doctor ordered, the modern Ellipse Fireplace that comes in two different flavors: one that hangs right from the ceiling of your living room and one that rests right on the floor of your apartment. There are also two colors available, black and white and they’ll surely fit just great with your living room setup. Both Ellipse Fireplaces work with ethanol biofuel, and, not only will they warm the place up, but they will look very cool in the process. Which one will you choose?

Ellipse Fireplace 1.jpg
Ellipse Fireplace 2.jpg

Ellipse Fireplace 3.jpg
Ellipse Fireplace 4.jpg
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