It may be easier to use our cell phones to check the time and wake us up in the morning, but time accents can still be our friend in the function and style department. Not only do these accents give a room a bit of unique celebration but you don’t have to have your phone plastered by your ear to know what time it is. From the mantle to your nightstand, these modern table clocks can find a solid home there.


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We believe this timekeeper deserves a space inside a modern, slightly masculine space. There’s a futuristic, industrial style behind this accent and it would fit great inside a room with that type of energy. With its horizontal shape, it would also fit well atop a mantle.


Wouldn’t this idea be quite a “dynamite” gift for a special someone in your life. Friends or beaus will gush over this funny, modern piece of home decor. It’ll become an instant hit among guests and create a fun focal point for any room of the house. How about placing this fun accent in the guest room?  Keep in mind that we are sensitive to world events and in no ways wish to offend any person with this design.


Of course, there’s always a running man you can add to your home office. This is another fun, personal touch you can use around the house, even inside the breakfast nook on the buffet table! And it comes in a variety of modern, chic colors to fit your contemporary vision.


A studio light styled model works well inside craft rooms and home offices. It gives the desks or tables a funky look without following a boring or too functional route. We’re sure you could find these in other dressings from as bronze or brushed nickel, but the black gives this crisp, white space a nice pop.


Well, isn’t this nifty. You won’t have to read the chronograph to know what time it is. Instead, you’ll have a piece that will tell you without the counting. This ultra modern clock is chic and slick, perfect for a modern home office or bedroom. It would also make a fabulous gift!


We found the perfect clock for the movie room! If you’re turning your bonus area or basement into a home theatre or your husband is using this extra space as a “man cave,” this suggestion is exactly what’s needed to keep you on time and within fun style limits.


Here’s another example of a slightly industrial and masculine decor piece for the home. It’s great for a studio apartment filled with posh details and edgy accents. We love how its neutral but stands out with its unique design and unique way of telling time!


This modern example doesn’t even look like it’s a functional, working digital piece! It seems as though the time is displayed by projection instead of through the wooden slab. It’s quite sleek and will work in a variety of bedrooms, even inside spaces with a more traditional appeal.


When accent pieces not only work in its functional spirit but as a piece of art too, we instantly fall in love. And that’s exactly what this clever piece has done. Not only can you glance and get an idea of the time, but you can have it jazz up a variety of corners around the house with its artistic, architectural style.


Small and fashion forward, this modern marvel was made for a office desk. It won’t be making a focus or hugely stylish statement around the house since it won’ t be as easy to spot, but it will definitely keep your desk clean and within the realms of powerful, posh styles.