Modern Geometry Bernica Coffee Table from N Design

Make your coffee table a modern piece of sculpture by choosing the Bernica coffee table from N Design.  The rectangular table rests low to the ground with a sleek profile, but is anything but plain.  The table is a study in balance created by the design team at N Design.  Contrasting elements of solids, negative space, and glass form a sculptural, artistic piece for your living room.  Choose your finish, like a crisp white or a warm wood grain, to compliment your personal style sense.


Modern Geometry Bernica Coffee Table from N Design


The square form on one end of the table is balanced with open space on the other side and topped with a thick plate of tempered glass.   The simple, square forms are effortlessly stylish and completely contemporary. The Bernica coffee table from N Design also features an invisible drawer for keeping remote controls and other personal items close at hand when you need them.  On carpet or wood floors, the Bernica brings a geometric edge to any room to offset plush upholstered sofa and create a design harmony between textures and shapes.


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Use your favorite accents above or below the glass panel to create an eye-catching display.  When you first see the Bernica in your living room, you and your guests will pause to admire the strong lines.  You can have a convenient coffee table with space for drinks and storage, all contained in a design with all the modern style of a work of art.  Can you already picture the sophisticated lines of the Bernica coffee table in your living room?

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