Modern DIY Wall Art Ideas

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           Most DIY projects are associated with a more whimsical, eclectic style. But that couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are plenty of contemporary DIY ideas to try out and get crafty with. From gold confetti to getting your hands dirty with chalkboard paint, you’d be surprised with all the amazing creations you can be a part of, even if you’re a lover of all things modern and chic. We’ve compiled a short, yet incredible, list of easy wall art DIYs for you to try out. Grab your crafty, thinking-cap and put it on tight, because we’re ready to shower you with inspiration for you and your home. Take a peek!

Adorable and charming, this colorful potato print may be delicate but it still brings life and fashion-forward style into any space. We love it in the dining room or even as a mock headboard for your bedroom. Best part is, you can use any type of color combinations you need or like!

Modern DIY Wall Art Ideas

 For a vibrant and bold look, try out this geometric print tutorial. It’s perfect for a focal piece finding a home over the mantle or in the dining room. All you need is a large canvas, a great color and some tape to create your own unique design.

Geometric Wall Art DIY

This project is the best choice for even the most novice of crafters. Because it’s so incredibly easy to create! All you need is to punch out some gold, sparkling circles and glue them on a nice size canvas.

Gold Confetti wall Art DIY

Make several of these to create a type of banner or use it to adorn one of the small nook or crannies inside your home! Use colors that fit well with the room you choose and grab your scissors to create this chic and personality-infused little flag.

Paper Wall Art DIY

Simple and chic, this easy circle structure creates texture and interest on a barren wall. Fluff up the bedroom with this sleek piece or use it to spruce up the foyer. Just snag a few embroidery hoops to get this project started.

Circle Wall Art DIY

Although this tips the scales on an eclectic design, place in a smooth and modern living room will only amp up the fashionable attitude. You can make this in classic color combos like red, white and black or add lots of color to a neutral room.

Colorful Wood Wall Art DIY

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