A modern kitchen definitely needs a dishwasher close by, just in case your daily dose of dirty dishes is just a little over what you can handle. You don’t have to use this particular home appliance all the time, but whenever you’ll throw a party or have a family lunch, you’ll definitely appreciate its existence. And the more energy efficient your washing machine really is the more you will use it. Miele and Baumatic are two companies that have two new eco-friendly washing machines. The new Miele EcoLine G5000 series washing machines consume 2.65 gallons of water and 0.59-0.94 kWh or power. The Baumatic Ombra Collection OMBRA4SS uses 2.11 gallons of water per cycle and comes with a unique oven-like design meant to match the rest of your modern kitchen. Are you ready for an energy efficient dishwasher in your life?

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