Midi-Vision by Tylo – Sauna Heater Product Review

Its unique name fits it perfectly. The Midi-Vision Sauna by Tylo is all about unmatched luxury. Our sauna heater product review is specially geared for those who love saunas that provide a sensation of space. It is surrounded by beautiful light and boasts rounded corners you will love. The best thing about it is that it is compact in size and can easily fit into regular bathrooms. Using the minimum floor space, it can be equipped for both soothing steam sauna and traditional sauna.


Sauna Heater Product Review

contemporary sauna design


Boasting an exclusive, welcoming design with functional corner access, the Midi-Vision Sauna by Tylö will make your relaxation dreams come true. It is specially made to fit beautifully into both home spas and public facilities. It has a striking exterior with large surfaces of glass and wall panels made of the finest aspen. Recessed downlights complete its beautiful look. Midi-Vision’s curved glass door can be placed on either the right or left corner. This feature allows it to be part of an organized home spa. The sauna has a solid door made from beech with a magnetic catch handle. Its glass is, like any other glazed surface, tempered for added safety.


home sauna interior ideas


Many people think that a sauna must be large for it to be functional. This is not the case. Modern sauna designs are made with contemporary homes in mind and are functional, stylish, and above all compact. Midi-Vision is one such unit. It is visible proof that a sauna can be compact and highly functional at the same time.

It’s hard not to like the features and options that come with the product.  Additionally, it has a a great looking cabin which would fit well in a home.  One challenge will be space in that it will take some room to fit this into a bathroom.