Mid-Century Modern Design: La Fonda Armchair by Eames Office

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Eames Office is committed to transmitting, conserving, and spreading the work of Charles and Ray Eames. The company has been producing creations that echo the philosophy of the design duo for a long time. One of its newest pieces is the La Fonda Armchair. It has impressive mid-century modern charm and carries forward the company’s philosophy with pride.


La Fonda Armchair by Eames Office

Eames Office


The story of La Fonda Armchair by Eames Office is an interesting one. It goes back to 1961 when the Eames’ close friend Alexander Girard implored Charles and Ray to design the seating for an eating place he was creating in the Time & Life building called La Fonda del Sol.Girard wanted chairs with low backs, the kind that wouldn’t stick out over the tabletops. The original armchair that was crafted for Girard had a low back, raised armrests, and a cast aluminum base that expressed quiet elegance and required a simple manufacturing process. It was covered in signature wool fabrics and its upholstery bore a Herman Miller hallmark. The chair’s edge was trimmed in black vinyl, a feature that was later used on many other chairs by the Eames. Eames Office has remodeled the original fiberglass chair, bringing the back a bit low and elevating the arms to fit into a brand new frame.


La Fonda Armchair


La Fonda Armchair by Eames Office brings back the glorious appeal of mid-century times. It will transport you back in time and make you long for days gone by. It is a gorgeous accent piece.

Are you ready to experience the bygone era with La Fonda?


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