Meteo_Ra Showerhead by Antonio Lupi: Stylish Bathing

Looking like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie, Meteo_Ra is Antonio Lupi’s newest addition. It is the pet project of Nevio Tellatin and makes bathing a thrilling affair. It has brilliant lights that brighten up a room and transport you to outer space. The showerhead’s name is derived from meteor, the streak of light created by a meteor which is visible at night.


Meteo_Ra Showerhead by Antonio Lupi

Modern showerhead design


Meteo_Ra is a round stainless steel showerhead fitted in a solid circular element to fit flawlessly into your bathroom’s ceiling. When installed in the ceiling, it pours water naturally making users think of rain falling from the sky. You’ll be forgiven for thinking that the soft streams of water are coming from a natural source. Designer Nevio Tellatinhas skillfully used LED lighting as a design feature to light up bathrooms. The light blends beautifully with the water to create a natural effect. It is controlled by a remote and makes Meteo_Ra very appealing and desirable. It also enhances the showerhead’s overall appeal. The Meteo_Ra showerhead by Antonio Lupi has the ability to merge flawlessly with the ceiling creating a continuous and integrated look.


LED showerhead by Antonio Lupi


Nothing would be as nice as taking a break from regular showers and bathing underneath a starlit sky. The soft gush of water pouring like rain would leave you mesmerized. If you are longing for that experience, get Meteo_Ra. It will transform your bathing and make you linger in the bathroom every day.

Don’t you think it’s about time you pampered yourself with something as nice as Meteo_Ra?