Choosing The Right Master Bedroom Design

We love to inspire, especially when it comes to your most personal of spaces. The bedroom needs to reflect your own styles and feelings, and what better way to do that than to create the right amount of energy and fashion-forward vision throughout the room?

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We’ve compiled a list of 14 unbelievable master bedroom designs and pictures that will get your creative juices flowing for your upcoming renovation or redecorating project. But this list also touches on a variety of style themes and genres, helping you figure out what area of interior design you’d like to pursue.

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Warm White Master Bedroom

This room is bright and spacious and the furniture layout utilizes every inch in a function and seamlessly smooth way. There is a subtleness about the room that adds a relaxed charm and lightness at the first step in. Large windows add to the warm feeling.

Grey Rugged Home Feeling

The tones have a sophisticated and earthy feel and mesh well with the bed and furniture pieces. There’s also a nice balance of textures around the room from the rug to an accent wall. This is a very modern yet masculine design and styling. The colors start in a neutral zone and are highlight by striking greys.

Stunning Ocean Blue with Wood

The dull ocean colored wall provides an illusion of more space and the lighting add a personal touch to a smooth and clean palette of a room. We also love how there’s enough space to add a lounge chair inside for resting outside of time one is sleeping. There’s something to clean and refreshing about this room without being too cold or unwelcoming. We always love a brightness inside any room as it makes even the smallest of spaces wider and more spacious.

Golden Charm With Patio Views

Here’s a luxury, feminine idea that certainly makes a scene. Golden-hued and unforgettable this Victorian, lush space have a warm, welcoming and relaxing beauty about its posh presence. Of course, the round bed is unique enough to make a statement on its own, but the accent wall behind it helps to enhance the decadence behind the overall layout.

A great tip is to always add texture from the floor up.  Here it’s seen in the area rug and linen choices. And even when you’re keeping within a neutral vibe, using a variety of shades will add the right amount of interest to keep things stylish.

Black and White Master

Black and white will always be a classic color combination. It will always stay in style, but when you add some charcoal into the mix like in this picture, you get a more contemporary, fashion-forward vision. And this particular space has modern, beautiful furniture pieces that match, creating a simple, chic look.

Ocean Views Master Bedroom Designs

Not only does this picture looks as if it has an ocean view with those perfect, wall-size windows but it’s such a spacious area to play with and have fun decorating. We love the simplicity that overtakes this room but the infusion of contemporary style that was sewn into every choice made, from the telescopeto the accent chairs.

Clean, zen and with a no-fuss finish, here’s a room without anything to overwhelm or clutter. There’s a certain Asian inspired, zen touch to every corner of the room, from the low bedding to the wood compliments. And the neutrality of the space creates a clean and revitalizing finish.

The mix between modern and girlish charm is palpable in this space. Between the chic and traditional furniture and the soft tones and chandelier choice, you’ve got a great melding of styles. There’s even space enough to add a small desk for your personal workspace.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself is creating a safe haven. And that space doesn’t need to be cluttered with furniture or accent pieces. Instead, the walls of the room can be soft and darker-hued creating an enveloped feeling and simple style. That’s why we love this design idea!

Be bold with your accent wall and create a black, textured piece to accent your inviting and sultry living space. We are loving the darkness and mysteriousness swirling around this space. The lighting spread around the room also adds to the contemporary atmosphere with it’s soft, romantic warmth.

Here’s an example that combines modern pieces with a touch of the beach! It’s such a luxurious look from the sandy bedding to the outside view, you’re getting a vacation-vibe just from stepping inside this bedroom. There’s also a great balance found around the room that keeps things simple, making it a great place to rest.

The colors found in this room create a fun and inviting the spirit. It’s youthful and fresh without being too kitschy or kid-friendly. The window placement is so much fun and interesting and so is the pedestal and focal point this bed has been made to be. And take a peek at those bubble like accent chair, we’re in love!

One of the more unique designs of the pack, this master bedroom was made for a woman with an eclectic spirit and independent nature. The round bed, the funky light fixture and the variety of textures and tones make this bedroom an interesting feast for the eyes and comfy place to rest and enjoy. day in and day out.

Here’s a beautiful example of how to utilize a smaller layout in your apartment or town home. Highlight your large windows and view of the city by clearing the area.