Mammamia Diamond Chair by Opinion Ciatti: Functional and Stylish

Mammamia Diamond is a fresh take on the popular Mammamia Chair. Just like its name, it is made with diamond-like elements for added appeal. It is finished by hand but unlike the earlier version, it is not stackable and comes in only a few colors. Mammamia Diamond will enhance your spaces and is a suitable choice for an outdoor eating area. It is easy to clean and can be wiped with a blend of mild detergent and water when dirty. It is the brainchild of Lapo Ciatti. The designer set out to create a chair that would accommodate users for long hours without straining them. He achieved this beautifully.


Mammamia Diamond Chair by Opinion Ciatti

Mammamia Diamond Chair


With a die-cast aluminum frame and a galvanized iron structure, the Mammamia Diamond Chair by Opinion Ciatti is made to last for generations. It comes in a variety of colors including gold, black, copper, and silver. It is fully painted for indoor and outdoor use. It is studded with 398 Swarovski elements and makes a wonderful fashion piece for the very daring. Plastic elements are added to the bottom of the legs to protect them against damage and scratches.


gold-plated chair with Swarovski elements


Mammamia Diamond will add contemporary flair to your home. It is functional and stylish and is inspired by old-world designs. It has a curved back that offers superior comfort allowing you to relax for hours on end. The chair will add a genuine vintage look to your outdoor dining space and a retro look to your modern living room.

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